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Garage Painting

A nicely painted garage can completely elevate the appearance of your space. After all, your garage is a special place in your home as it is a part of the home’s interior which is also seen from the outside. Pro Strokes Painting can help increase your home’s curb appeal with a fresh coat on your garage’s walls. 

While we normally think of the garage as a purely practical place in our homes, there is no reason why they can’t appear clean and polished. There are endless possibilities, all the way from a colour update on the walls to a crisp new look on the floors. 

Garage Floor Painting

The typical concrete garage floor may seem okay at first, but throughout the years they become beaten up and dirty. If this is the case for you, painting your garage floor can help keep your garage looking clean and polished. A fresh coat of paint also adds a protective layer from mould and auto fluids while being water-resistant and durable for everyday use. 

Garage Door Painting

While we tend to think of the garage as a purely practical and boring place, try to think of it as a design piece! A fresh coat of paint on your garage doors can instantly increase your curb appeal and completely change up the look of your house. We service all kinds of garage doors, like:

• Steel• Aluminum • Copper• Wood• Glass• Vinyl