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Drywall Repair and Priming

Damage or holes in drywall is normal because, after all, houses are meant to be lived in. Thankfully, it’s often an easy fix. We will patch, sand, and prime any drywall damage before painting so your home can feel brand new again!

Drywall damage can occur for several reasons, like hanging pictures on the wall, clumsy accidents, or even naturally. Some common causes are: 

Priming drywall for paint

Prior to painting, we’ll do a walkthrough inspection for any damage or holes. Small holes, such as those from nails, can be easily fixed by filling them with mud or spackle and sanding them down once dried. 
For bigger holes, they will have to be patched. This can be done simply by measuring the hole, cutting a patch of drywall to fit it, and then applying mud or spackle to the top of the patch. After it has dried and we’ve sanded it down to create a clean and smooth surface, we can begin painting. 

    Small holes from nails
    Furniture scuffs
    Cracks from settling
    Moisture/ mould
    Everyday wear and tear

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Like we’ve said, fixing holes or cracks in drywall is a simple process and is a definite must when painting a fresh coat on your wall. Book an appointment today for help with drywall repairs and a new paint colour.