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Basement Painting 

Whether your basement space is used for living or storage, a fresh, new coat of paint is necessary for creating a basement that works well for you and your family. It can immediately turn that cold, dim space into a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Pro Strokes Painting will help you achieve your ideal basement. 

When it comes to picking paint colours for your basement, it is important to choose carefully. Basements commonly don’t receive much natural light and are often very dim spaces. You want to be sure you are going with a colour that will help to brighten your basement as well as make it feel comfortable. Warm neutrals like cream, beige, and taupe are often the ideal paint colours for a basement. Soft cool-toned colours like light gray and blue are also very nice options. 

Painting Basement Staircases

Depending on how your basement is set up, you might also have a staircase that needs to be painted. Choosing the right paint for your staircase is incredibly important. You want to pick a paint that is very durable and easy to clean. Pro Strokes Painting is determined to provide you with long-lasting results and can help you settle on the perfect kind of paint for your basement. 

Painting Basement Ceilings

Pro Strokes Painting can paint both fully finished ceilings as well unfinished ceilings. Some benefits of painting an unfinished ceiling are that it can make exposed ductwork and beams look clean and polished, as well as help you achieve a very modern industrial look. Commonly, people paint their basement ceiling a crisp white to open up the space and keep things bright. However, adding a little colour to your basement ceiling can also work in your favour.

Painting Basement Floors

Unfinished concrete floors in a basement are not all that warm and inviting. Painted floors can have an incredible impact in creating the right atmosphere for your basement, whether it be a storage space or living area. It is important to choose a finish for your floors that is long-lasting, easy to clean, and durable.